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Secrets of the Cold War in the historic basement of the Old Town; thrilling VR games, a unique film screening and a tour of the museum

  • 19.07.2024
  • 20.07.2024
  • 21.07.2024

We invite you to the Cold War Museum to discover the secrets of the Cold War in the unique atmosphere of the historic underground of the Old Town. We offer participation in exciting virtual reality games – “Jack Strong” and “Spy Oleg Penkovsky”. Experience an incredible adventure during a special film screening that will transport you to the world of sinister intrigues and Cold War threats.

We also encourage you to visit our Museum, full of fascinating exhibits related to this historical period. It’s a perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge and feel the atmosphere of the Cold War.

Language: Polish, English

Tickets: regular PLN 25/person, reduced PLN 20/person, more information on the organizer’s website

No access for people with mobility disabilities, most of the exhibitions are located on level -1, no elevator. Access to toilet. 40 seats in the cinema hall. Ventilated rooms. 500 m2 of exhibition space.